Always be up to date

Always be up to date with Sputnik reports

Be up to date with all processes that happen in your company.

Manage tasks and projects with reports

  • Open "Activity" tab to check the latest tasks and work
  • Open "Reports" tab to see different statiscs on work with projects
  • Check if you are ready to send an invoice to your client
  • If you share payable time with clients, you will give them clear view about expected cost

Instantly find answers regarding old work

  • Who and when worked on the project last time?
  • Who knows project better (worked most time with it)?

Sputnik displays analytics right on project page

  • See who works on particular task
  • See how much time the task took with breakdown by developers
  • See how much time the entire project took

Start using Sputnik and see answers to many others questions

in 30 seconds