• ProjectSputnik

Manage work, Track time & Create invoices

  • Easy work management and collaboration
  • Flexible time tracking per each task
  • Bill every spent hour or every fixed price task with professional invoices

Perfect work management solution for fast growing startups

Project Sputnik was designed as software that is focused on tracking work progress, estimating and rising economic efficiency of companies that create their own products or implement projects for clients. With Sputnik you will always be able to instantly get complete information about work in your company.
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Customers say it best!

  • Thank you for this great project management application. ProjectSputnik helps us keep schedule and control costs.
    Michael Bloom
  • We have been using Sputnik from 2019 and very like time tracking and analysing abilities of the system!
    Brad Martin
  • First of all, thank you for this great project management application. We find it very useful, with key features available and simple to use with minimal clutter.
    Julien Horst

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