Estimate efficiency of work

Analyse and improve finance results of your company

Calculate your efficiency easily

  • Find out how many billable hours you have
  • Find out the number of totally worked hours
  • Review your KPI - ratio of billable hours to totally worked hours by client, by project, by employee. Try to get 100% KPI

Optimize your efficiency

Find out ways to increase your KPI. Below is a typical list to start with:

  • If you have non-billable hours then find out their nature, like: underestimated tasks, unforeseen tasks, client’s request to amend or add some feature without re-estimating the project time, too much amount of guarantee work after project completion, low employees performance
  • Review your previous estimates and KPI on fixed-price tasks. Make more accurate estimates in future
  • Find the most cost-effective and unprofitable projects and tasks. Determine the type of projects that have the highest KPI and try to get more projects of this type
  • Decrease time on secondary tasks and assign more employees on profitable tasks
  • Discover your own ways to increase KPI

Share KPI value with your staff

You can decide to share KPI with your middle staff. This will give them idea how to increase economic efficency of thier work without access to any finance information

in 30 seconds