Billing & invoices

Invoice every worked hour and each fixed price task

Create professional invoices for any type of work

  • Hourly work - Invoice will include only hours that your employees actually spent on the tasks.
  • Fixed price work - No matter how much time you spent on the project or tasks, invoice will only include the hours agreed.
  • Full time work - If your employee(s) get paid by periodic billing you can still report to the client a list of completed tasks within any period with or without showing the actual spent hours.
  • Mixed approach - Sometimes billing is more complex. For example you can start the project at a fixed price and then make adjustments on an hourly basis, and then start new fixed priced tasks within the project. Sputnik handles all these situations smoothly and it does not require changing any settings.

Unobtrusive billing

Concentrate your employees on their work, not on billing.

  • Typically only top staff and accountant has full access to invoices and finances (hourly rates and money totals)
  • Middle staff can mark billable hours. By your desire allow them to see how many hours were invoiced with or without access to finances
  • Employees have no access to invoices
  • Easily customize access to invoices and finances for your user groups

Instant information about finances

  • Launch a report and check how many hours clients should pay you
  • Learn how many non-billable hours your company has
  • View ratio of billable hours to total hours. Increase this ratio in future
in 30 seconds